I had a Good Day

Yesterday was a pretty darn good day.  And those days are rare (especially for a Monday), so I figured I ought to give it some special treatment and write about it. 

The day started off normal enough with my alarm going off at 5:45 am.  The Dashing Wife was still unconscious because she had to get up twice for the Dashing Daughter and her fussiness.  I came downstairs, let the dogs out, and started getting lunches packed and stuff prepared for the day.  Plus I got breakfast going for Dashing Son. Pretty normal day for a stay at home dad.

Dashing Daughter and Dashing Dog

Dashing Daughter and Dashing Dog

I even started getting dinner going.  A black bean and sweet potato chili with ground turkey (the recipe will be posted soon).  Once Dashing Wife and Son were out the door, I got ready for my run.  I had a small thing of oatmeal for fuel, bundled up the Dashing Daughter, tossed her (gently) into the jogging stroller, grabbed the Dashing Dog and headed out the door.

The mornings have become quite nippy, now that fall has arrived to Northern California.  It was about 45°F when I walked outside, and I was wearing the same thing I wear for summer running (shorts, short sleeve race shirt, and my ever present had.  I know that I will warm up, and I hate dropping things, so I don’t bother dressing warmer.  I figure might as well run through it but if it was dark out, I may have done something different.

So I do my ¼ mile warm up walk and stretch.  At which point my mp3 player died.  I need to get better about charging that up.  I started the run, and it was cold, my hands were numb and my nose was running faster than my feet.  The big issue is that after the first half mile, I drop into the river area and the temperature drops 5 degrees.  It is the weirdest thing, and you would think I would be used to it by now, but nope.  After two years, I still say, “Damn that’s cold!” or “Brisk Baby!”  I like outdated references to tea drinks.

It has been a while since I have ran just after sunrise.  Usually its later in the morning or still dark. As I ran along the bridge over the river, I saw a guy standing in the middle of the river, fly fishing. With the mist of the river rising in the cold morning air, just as the sun was coming up.  Boy it was pretty. So much so that I stopped to take pictures.  I kept running, and found a good pace, especially with the stroller.  I had missed my 5-ish mile run for the weekend, so I ended up doing a 10k, just to even things up.  I have a half marathon on Saturday, so I want to keep the legs fresh.

A man fishing in the morning (you can't see him, but he's there)

A man fishing in the morning (you can’t see him, but he’s there)

Mist rising off the river at sunrise.

Mist rising off the river at sunrise.

I finished my run, got back home, freed the baby from the stroller and warmed up a bottle for her and some tea for me.  I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for breakfast and then took a shower.  I actually had an important meeting yesterday, so I had to get ready. I think I was nervous because I put face cleaner in my hair.  Not having much hair on my head, it probably helped, but not something I have done before.

The Dashing Runners

The Dashing Runners

The Dashing Wife came home to watch the baby for a couple hours so I could get ready and go to the meeting.  I got dressed up, I looked Dashing.  The meeting went very well and could spell good things for the Dashing Family in the very near future (I can’t talk about it now).  And later on in the day, I had a phone conference, which also went well. 

And before Dashing Wife got home from work (she left once I got back from my meeting), I managed to get towels and sheets washed, plus some jackets and hand towels too.  I also got our cloth diapers going too (yes, we are those kind of parents) and I vacuumed the bottom half of the house.

Dinner turned out well. and afterwards I went on a bike ride with Dashing Son (we took the pedals and training wheels off and are attempting balance biking), then talked to my dad about his latest cruise, and now I am writing the blog.  I ended my day with a phone conversation with Endorphin Dude, who was asking my permission to run a hundred miler in two weeks.  Not that he needs my permission, but I am trying help him stay focused on one goal at a time.  He wants to PR for a marathon, but ends up running hundreds of miles before his PR race and hurts himself.  So I need to talk him off the ledge every once in a while.  However, he will have nearly 6 weeks to recover from Javalina before he is going to run California International Marathon. So, I gave him the Dashing Dad seal of approval.

How did your day go?

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  1. That sounds like a pretty perfect (busy) day! Some beautiful pics along your run.

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