Review of RunnerBox by a Stay at Home Dad

Not too long ago Dashing Dad became an ambassador for RunnerBox (did you notice the new logo on the sidebar?).  RunnerBox at is a great idea where every other month they send you a box full of goodies (or you can do a one time shot, but where’s the fun in that).  This allows you to try different race fuels, recovery bars, energy bars, and some other running gizmos without buying a box of stuff, or paying inflated prices of a single bar at your favorite running store. As a stay at home dad (or DASHING DAD), money is tight, but I still like to try new things to see how they help me race or recover from a race.

RunnerBox motivation

RunnerBox motivation

My theory, and it is just my theory, is that the RunnerBox folks buy a big box of gels, bars, etc. and divvy them out into their RunnerBoxes.  It is obviously cheaper to buy the big box of 20 Gu’s then it is to buy 20 individual ones.  It’s a win-win for everybody.

Now, RunnerBox has running boxes, triathlete boxes, and a one time gluten-free box.  And as you can see from the picture below, you get quite a bit of stuff in the box. 

All the goodies in the RunnerBox

All the goodies in the RunnerBox



So here is the list of what I got:

  • ·         2Toms Blister Shield
  • ·         Active Accessories: On the go Hair Band
  • ·         Jelly Belly Extreme Sports Beans
  • ·         Betty Lou Almond Bar
  • ·         Betty Lou Organic Fruit and Veggie Bar
  • ·         Clif Bar – Spiced Pumpkin Pie – one of my favorites
  • ·         Due North Foot Rubz Massage Ball
  • ·         Garuka Bars
  • ·         Get up and go granola
  • ·         Muschies Bar
  • ·         Quest Bars
  • ·         Salt Stick
  • ·         The Good Bean Sea Salt Chickpeas
  • ·         Proven4 Gift Card for $10
  • ·         Plus some other coupons

I. hear your questions, “Gee Dashing Dad, how much do I pay for this awesomeness?” Well, I’ll tell you.  It’s $20 for the RunnerBox, plus $7 shipping, and no tax (at least I didn’t get charged it).  But if you use the code RUN13RB, you can get 10% of the box, so it would be $25 total. Personally, I wish they would include the shipping cost into the price (i.e. price it at $27), but they need to cover their shipping and the discounts would eat into that.

Now, as you can see from photos of me, I have very little hair, so the hair band doesn’t work well for me, but the other bars and stuff are pretty nice, and I can always give the hair band to the Dashing Wife.  So if you get something you don’t like or are allergic too (bananas for me), you can always pawn it off on your spouse, children, or that one annoying guy in your running group.  But chances are, most of the stuff in the box is stuff you will like.  Go get yourself a RunnerBox subscription, or just try one, and if you are reading this before Christmas, they have a special Holiday RunnerBox this month.

(bald) Dashing Dad as Runnerbox Ambassador

(bald) Dashing Dad as Runnerbox Ambassador

2 thoughts on “Review of RunnerBox by a Stay at Home Dad

  1. Aww, you don’t want to use the pretty hair band on your domepiece? Thanks for the discount code!

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