Dashing through the halls – Christmas 2013 Recap

It’s the day after Christmas, the Dashing family is recovering from the post holiday hangover (none of it alcohol related).  Wednesday is the worst day of the week for Christmas (and therefore New Years too), because you have to go back to work for two more days.  Obviously Monday or Friday are much nicer, and with Tuesdays and Thursdays, you can take one day vacation and get a four day weekend.  But Wednesday, it just screws everything up.

So, this morning the Dashing Wife has gone off to work, and Dashing Son is at winter camp.  I am home with the Dashing Daughter trying to get the house in order, and try to find locations for the new things we got for Christmas. 

Our Christmas started on Christmas Eve when I was getting ready for my mom, step-dad, and Dashing Sister to came over and celebrate with us.  Both my mom and sister work at a hospital, and usually work Christmas because they get extra pay on big holidays. The Dashing Wife had to work a half day, so I was getting dinner ready and cleaning the house.  The Dashing Son was going berserk at home that morning.  He wouldn’t go out and play with the dog, he just wanted to wrestle with his sister.  And while the baby has a brutal elbow drop off the upper ropes, she really doesn’t like the wrestling quite yet.  So, after getting the ham in the crockpot and the house vacuumed, I took the kids and the dog to a playground.  The weather was awesome, upper 50s and sunny, perfect outside weather.

Next to the playground was an open grassy field, so I was tossing the ball for the Dashing Dog while the Dashing Son played on the play structures.  While Dashing Dog can run with me for 25k (15.5 miles) without much effort, she goes all out to get the ball, and the sprints back to have me throw it again.  She can pretty much sprint for a good 10 minutes before she tires out. This helped keep the dog calm(er) with visitors in the house.

My family showed up around 2pm.  We chatted, my step-dad took a nap, so did the Dashing Daughter.  Around 3pm, everybody was awake and we opened presents. Opening presents was fun, especially with the Dashing Daughter.  She still hasn’t gotten the grasp of unwrapping of presents.  She enjoyed the pretty paper, and tried to eat it.  The Dashing Son got an Nintendo DS that my step dad got three years ago and never played with it. This was his favorite thing ever.

During the confusion between opening presents and getting dinner on the table, the Dashing Daughter got to play in the dog water.  This was her favorite thing ever. 

And of course she got into the dog water

And of course she got into the dog water


After dinner and pie, we let the kids open up their Christmas Eve pajamas, and a new movie.  They got Rise of the Guardians, and we let him watch it before bed.  We did this in the futile hope that he would sleep in a bit more on Christmas morning. 

He wrote his note to Santa, got cookies and milk out, and a carrot for the reindeer.  The carrot was cut in nine pieces, because there are nine reindeer, “Duh, daddy.” Note: his Christmas “Cheer” was some ribbon he collected from a tree lighting show we saw.  Santa said, “this place needs some Christmas Cheer!” and these ribbons shot out from the rooftops.  So, Dashing Son collected them and saved them to give back to Santa.

Dashing Son's note to Santa

Dashing Son’s note to Santa


Santa wrote him a nice thank you note for all to see the next morning.


Santa's thank you note

Santa’s thank you note

On Christmas morning, we said he could get us up at 6am, and sure enough, as the clock struck six (okay the digital clock said 6:00) we heard a light tapping on our bedroom door.  We got the Dashing Daughter up, and all went downstairs to see what Santa had brought. 

Santa brought Legos or him, a doll for the Dashing Daughter, and a board game for the family.  Santa also filled all of our stockings with some small toys (Dashing Wife and I got some cheap tools we can use for work), candy, and tooth care products.  Santa and the tooth fairy work together.

Stocking booty

Stocking booty


The Dashing Daughter loved her new doll.  She picked it up and hugged it. 

Cuddling with her new baby

Cuddling with her new baby


Then she tossed it aside, picked up her brother’s new tube of toothpaste, and hugged that.  She just loves everybody.


Kissing the toothpaste (after hugging the toothpaste)

Kissing the toothpaste (after hugging the toothpaste)

The Dashing Wife and I got a couple of running related items (underwear for me, headband for her), and a couple other things.  All in all, a good morning.

Two great, happy, healthy kids. Can't really ask for much else

Two great, happy, healthy kids. Can’t really ask for much else


Then I went for a run, a fairly fast 10k, came back, we all took showers, and then went off to my Dad’s house for Christmas dinner.  The Dashing Son got to play with his cousins, and be crazy.  I chatted with my brother, sister, and brother-in-law, and ate way, way too much.  The Dashing Son got a 49ers beanie, and despite the house being at 78 degrees, he never took it off until he got changed into his PJ’s for the ride home.

Not surprisingly, a couple items on my list of what I learned for Christmas was prophetic.  The Dashing Daughter was far more excited about a slab of cardboard than anything else this Christmas, though the $1 stacking cups were pretty popular too.  Listening to Christmas music while running doesn’t help.  The grandparents got the Dashing Kids and the Dashing Nephews HUGE toys.  It’s a good thing we drove the Mazda5, and not our civic, because we wouldn’t have gotten the toys home.  My nephews got matching pedal backhoes, and luckily they brought their truck, because those things were cumbersome and probably wouldn’t have fit in the back of an SUV (at least not with kids in the car).



Now, I am going to wrap this up, get it published and get another load of laundry going before the Dashing Daughter wakes up from her early nap. 

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas without too much family drama.  Did you get any super cool Christmas presents? 

Running related stuff, maybe?

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  1. Sounds like you and the family had a nice holiday.
    Funny thing about dashing daughter and the dog’s water.

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