Eight Goals for a Stay at Home Dad in 2014

As I am writing this on New Year’s Eve-Eve I am looking forward to 2014.  This last year has been one of the worst in quite a while, as I discussed in September.  While, it could have been worse, but with several deaths of good friends, another good friend going into hospice, a significant reduction in income, a stolen car, and having to put my dog down, it  was kind of a sucky year. There were some bright spots: we adopted a new dog, who has been great.  Well, at least for me, the Dashing Wife isn’t as impressed with her as I am.  The Dashing Wife is spoiled because our last dogs were well trained and well behaved, and the new dog still needs some training. Other bright spots this year include setting personal records in the 10k and half marathon (I also PR’ed in my marathon in December of 2012), and of course the Dashing Daughter.

Being a stay at home dad and raising my daughter this year has been great.  She and I have a different relationship than my son and I do (ignore the fact that she’s 1 and he’s nearly 7).  Not that I was a dead beat dad with him, but up until he was nearly 4, I was working full time and often had to do out of town work, sometimes for as many as ten days.  Being  at home with my daughter most of the time has been great. 

The new ladies in my life, The Dashing Daughter and Dashing Dog - also my two running partners.

The new ladies in my life, The Dashing Daughter and Dashing Dog – also my two running partners.

This blog has been a lot of fun too.  I have met some pretty awesome folks via facebook, and some in person because of this blog.  It has been an outlet for some pent up creativity I didn’t know I had. My two favorite blog posts have been the List of why the baby is crying and the new acronym for Stay at Home Dads

Resolutions Goals for 2014

Like many people, I don’t like the term “resolutions.” Resolutions tend to fail by February.  I am going to set some goals for the upcoming year.

1)      I am going to stick to my “no soda” policy.  I am also going to stick to my exceptions:

           a.       Two wrongs make a right, soda mixed with alcohol or ice cream are okay

           b.      I can have soda on my birthday

           c.       I can have soda during or within 3 hours of any run greater than 25 miles.

           d.      I may have to taste the Dashing Wife’s soda to make sure the syrup/carbonation mix is okay.

2)      I need to clean a table in my garage.  It has gotten steadily worse over the last 2 years since we moved into this house, and I need to get it cleaned off and organized.

Can you see the table underneath the pile of crap?

Can you see the table underneath the pile of crap?

3)      I need to get back to daily flossing.  I started out the year doing well, but when I was up until 1am getting contract work done, I didn’t even want to brush my teeth (but I did), let alone floss.

4)      I am going to do more cross training: I was getting up at or before 5am to run or workout, but like above, contract work messed up my sleep schedule.  Also, my calf pain has come back during runs, so I need to get my calves back in shape.  Plus, the Dashing Daughter got a bike helmet for Christmas and can now be towed in the bike trailer, so I might be able to get more than 150 miles on my bike this next year.

5)      I need to be a little more lenient on the Dashing Son.  He is a really good kid, and is far better behaved than most of his friends (one of whom was climbing on my dining room table).  I just need to remember that when he is asking a bunch of questions about Harry Potter Lego game (his only exposure to Harry Potter so far) during dinner.

6)      I need to improve the Dashing Dad website: I need to learn how to make a better landing page (whatever this is, is it for airplanes?), improve my use of key words, headings, and search engine optimization.  This also includes increasing my social media presence.  I am doing well on Facebook, but need to improve Twitter.  I also started on Pinterest and Instagram (see the social media links on the sidebar to the right). All this is to get more views, and maybe revenue.

7)      I need to get the Dashing Dog better trained.  She does pretty well, especially her healing and her fetching.  We just need to work on her downs, “go lie down,” and getting her to stay out of the kitchen when we are cooking. Also, if I can get her to start pooping in one area and on a schedule, that would be awesome.  I am tired of cleaning poop out of my decorative gravel and when she poops during our runs.

8)      I need to get one of my old cars done, the other one sold, and both out of my parent’s garage – this is a longer story, so I am just going to leave it at that.  That said, if you are in the market for a 1948 Austin with right hand drive with 1978 Mustang running gear, $4000 OBO and it’s yours.

1948 Austin 16 - right hand drive, running 1978 Mustang II 4cyl motor and transmission, $4000 OBO.

1948 Austin 16 – right hand drive, running 1978 Mustang II 4cyl motor and transmission, $4000 OBO.


What are you goals for 2014? 

And please buy that old car from me!

3 thoughts on “Eight Goals for a Stay at Home Dad in 2014

  1. Those are some great goals! I only have two right now – finish a Tough Mudder and my first half marathon. I’m sure I’ll come up with some more if I really think about it, but those are the only two I’ve put in writing. Good luck with yours and hope you have a great 2014! :)

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