Update review of 2013 Hyundai Elantra

I had another day of doing archaeology, and I had to rent a car, again.  I got a 2013 Hyundai Elantra, again. If you have read my previous review of this car.  I love it, especially when I get to drive on mountain roads.  This was one of the first cars I rented last year, and after all the other cars, I was reminding why I enjoyed this car. On this trip, I had to travel about 250 miles on a mountain road. 

The car I drove had about 29,000 miles on it, and had some wear and tear that only a one year old rental car can have. It still managed 32 mpg doing 75 70 mph on the interstate.  With the 6 speed faux manual transmission, it was a lot of fun on the mountain road.  There was almost no traffic along that road, so I got to drive the speed limit the whole way. The speed limit was 55 mph except within the few small towns along the way, however, many of the turns were “recommended” less than 30 mph. I actually had to slow down after about 90 minutes because I was making myself car sick.

This car still had the paid subscription for XM radio, so even though I was driving in mountains with pretty bad radio reception, I was still able to listen to various comedy radio.

I got both kids and their car seats (one booster and one infant seat), and they had plenty of leg room.  With the kids out of the car, I got some archaeology gear in the back seat. 

For a high mileage year old car, it would make a pretty good used car.  A quick look on Yahoo Autos showed several Hyundai Certified 2013 Hyundai Elantra GLS with 24,000 to 32,000 miles going for $14,000 to $19,000.


5 thoughts on “Update review of 2013 Hyundai Elantra

  1. […] car again about 9 months after the first time, and it is still a fun car to drive.  I wrote an updated review and the resale value for this car is only about $2,000 to $3,000 below MSRP for cars with 25,000 […]

  2. Sounds like a great car! It’s crazy how far Hyundai has come when not too long ago I would never imagine getting behind the wheel of one.

    I’m still a diehard Subaru fan above all though. Ever review or just drive one?

    • I have never rented a Subaru (nor seen one for rental), but a buddy of mine has a 14 year old Outback that is still going strong. I also test drove a Forrester back in 2002 that out handled by 87 T-bird. They are good cars

      • Yeah, my wife and I both have newer model Outbacks and I had a few other models before that. If you get the chance, give one a spin!

        That said, the T-birds are very respectable cars; even just to look at!

  3. Have a 2013 auto Elantra too, ours being Venetian Red with the Popular Pack. Its in the hands of another family member now, so we got a…….2016 Elantra, this time very base manual, but still Venetian Red. The 2016 red is deeper, with some metallic, an excellent advance over the 2013. Also, the 2016 1.8 liter engine is very quiet & smooooooth, so quiet I have difficulty hearing the low rpms & engaging 1st gear properly. Both cars average 39mpg burning 100% ethanol-free gasoline(E0), while both cars also get the same 36mpg with E10. With E0, many tanks with both cars have been in the 40’s, the 2013 topping out at 43mpg & the 2016, with a longer day trip to the ocean, with stops for pix & beach walking, travel into hilly terrain & a bit of stop&go I-5 traffic, nailing down 46mpg. The 2016 has better electric steering, altho the wheels & tires may have something to do with that, being they are what Elantra was designed to wear. Both cars love the newly developing “quiet pavements”, the 2016 in particular pretending its “limo quiet”. The 2013 Hankook tires are not lasting very long & will be replaced with Goodyear tires, an American tire, owned & built. Why did I buy a “foreign car?” No American car was as good, cheap, long warranteed, & with the habit of staying away from repair shops. Wanted an Eco Cruze. But the no deal $20,000+ price, contrasted with our $12,850 Elantra. Also, we were disappointed with our 2008 Hyundai Accent……because we never got to use the 100,000 mile warranty before it ran out……hey, that’s a good thing! Since Elantra has the widest rear seat of non-hybrids/diesels, getting near 40mpg, its nice NOT to have to apologize to 3 people sitting in the back.

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