Review of my January and March Runnerbox

As you all may know, I am a Runnerbox Ambassador.  They give me a discount on Runnerboxes, and I write up reviews and promote their stuff.  Both Runnerbox and I want to be clear on our relationship.  I wrote up a review on my first runnerbox back in November.

Runnerboxes come every other month and cost $20 plus $7 in shipping.  They have boxes for runners, triathletes, and now cyclists. Plus they have gluten free boxes.

Use discount code RUN13RB at to save 10% making the total $25.  I just got a box a couple days ago, but they sent me some stuff in January, I just forgot to write it up. 

So first the January box. This box was pretty darn awesome, everything was good, and everything was useful.

The box included:

  • My January Runnerbox

    My January Runnerbox

    Snapea Crisps – plain flavor.  These are good, but they have Wasabi Ranch flavored in the stores, which are AMAZING!

  • Dried cherries – like raisins or dried cranberries, but cherries, very tasty
  • Two packs of Sharkies – these were tasty, but stuck to your teeth – good before a run when you have lots of water, or if you like to have the chews dissolve in your mouth.
  • Clif Bar – who doesn’t love Clif Bars
  • Chap Stick Active – who doesn’t love Chap Stick, especially with SPF 30
  • Sports Beans – both energy and recovery – the energy are just like jelly beans while the recovery are crisps and are more like malt balls.
  • Energems – these were awesome! They were like large M&Ms, but three had the same caffeine as the leading energy drink.  The fun part was that little box had nine candies, so take the three out, and put the box away.  Not something to keep snacking on, unless you feel like you need stay up all night watching documentaries on belly button lint.  Also, do not, under any circumstances, give these to your kids.  You’re friends’ kids as they are leaving, that’s fine.
  • Smarty Pants Vitamins – gummy vitamins – candy that’s good for you.
  • Kutoa Energy Bar – a gluten free peanut butter and jelly bar.  While it was good, I wouldn’t rush out to buy this product. However, I do not have a problem with gluten.
  • Chia Squeeze – this tube of blackberry flavored chia stuff was better than I thought. Chia products take some getting used to, but a friend recommended using it like jelly on a sandwich, and it was darn tasty.
  • Energy pill – these were caffeine pills, they worked, but the Energems tasted better.
  • A Runnerbox Buff – very handy to keep my face and/or neck warm.  I have this stashed in one of my running gear bags for cold runs.
    Using my Runnerbox buff to keep my face warm during cold runs

    Using my Runnerbox buff to keep my face warm during cold runs


For March, I got more cool stuff (though too much coffee flavored stuff):

  • My March Runnerbox

    My March Runnerbox

    Health Warrior Chia bar – Chocolate peanut butter – not bad, very dark chocolatey.

  • Coco Hydro drink mix – Pineapple flavor – I am not a huge fan of coconut water, but this wasn’t bad. It had a hint of the coconut water flavor, but not as much to make me go “blech!” which is what I do with normal coconut water.
  • Kay’s Natural Protein chips – Chili Cheese flavor – not as good as Doritos or Fritos, but they weren’t bad, and much better for you
  • Eden Quiet Moon Trail Mix – I like trail mix, and this was tasty and not overly salty
  • Honey Stinger Lemon Waffle – These are tasty.  I had the vanilla flavor before, but this lemon one was much better.
  • True Bar – Coconut Cashew – Dashing Wife tried this because she loves coconut, and she wasn’t all that impressed because it was too sweet.  She said it tasted like dates were used to hold it all together. It is gluten free, so that is something to consider.
  • I Heart Keenwah – Chocolate sea salt Quinoa clusters – these were like crunchy toffee nut bars, there were almonds, but the base was quinoa.
  • Amirta bar – Chocolate Maca  – this is gluten, soy, peanut, and dairy free, and tasted pretty good.
  • Pocket Fuel – Cold brew coffee flavor – I have not had this because I don’t like coffee (I drink tea), but I had Pocket Fuels before.  They are very thick and like peanut butter consistency.  They are not good for during a run, but would be awesome hiking, walking, or as a recovery.  Be sure to have water.
  • Yummy Granola – Mocha Latte flavored – I didn’t try this because, again, I don’t like coffee.
  • Natural Ice Lip Protectant – SPF 15 medicated lip stuff.  It has Mentholatum in it and smells like it.  My son has been constantly licking his lips and they got really chapped. This stuff helped.
  • run. sticker – I am not a big fan of bumper stickers, but this will go somewhere, like my computer, water bottle, or my son’s forehead.
  • Klitch footwear clip – Okay, I completely and totally geeked out on this thing.  It is a heavy duty latch system so you can hang a pair of shoes on the outside of your bag.  You stick the ends of the Klitch into your shoes (where your feet go), put the center part in between the shoes, clamp them down, and they are ready to go.  The Klitch has a lanyard with a carabeener on it (which, if I am honest, could be bigger, but it works) that can attach to whatever you want.  You can put work shoes on your bike bag, bike shoes on your work bag, stinky nasty running shoes on the outside of your bag so they don’t contaminate the rest of your clothes. If you have a bike rack or something, you can attach your trail shoes to that and not get the inside of your car dirty. I don’t know if you would want steel toed workboots bouncing on your bag with the Klitch, but it seems durable enough to hold boots. This thing is awesome.
The Klitch shoe hanger, it is awesome

The Klitch shoe hanger, it is awesome

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