May the Fourth Run

After a week in carbonite, and not running, I decided that May the Fourth would be my Return of the Jedi Run.  Just after Darth, as the Earth’s Son won its daily battle in the Star Wars, I grabbed my scruffy looking nerf herder (Dashing Dog) and decided to attempt the Kessel run in under 12 parsecs.

The weather was cold, but not too bad, somewhere between Hoth and Tatooine, and definitely better than Degoba.  Luckily it wasn’t raining or snowing, but even if it was, I would have been a Storm Trooper and ran anyway.

After some stretches and a few Yoda moves, I started my run.  About a 100 yards in, the batteries in my Garmin died.  Luckily, Obi Wan sent me a message in the form of a low battery warning as soon as I turned on my watch, and I started a timer on my phone.  I used the force to gauge my pace, but I knew how far I was running (I know my regular route really well). 

As this was my first run in a week, I wore my Hokas, so it felt like I was running on Cloud City. While I some bikers on land speeders, I didn’t see any other runners (or Sand People), so I was all a-Lando on the trail. 

I turned around about after 3.3 miles of running through the forest moon of Endor (okay paved bike trail with some trees along the side), and ran like a Rancor was chasing me.  During the last half mile I turned on the hyperdrive and made the jump to light speed.

I finished with Sith.Sith (6.6) miles under my light saber belt and ate a nice breakfast because I was as hungry as a wookie.

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