30 Ways Runners are like Toddlers

The other day after my half marathon, I had a bit of a swagger, which meant I was walking almost identically to the Dashing Daughter (who is 17 months old). I was swinging my hips as it was easier than moving my legs and it got me thinking how much we runners are like toddlers.  Here is my list of the 30 ways runners are like toddlers.

Runner or Toddler

Runner or Toddler?

  1. Walking up (or down) stairs is a major accomplishment – it is usually easier to crawl.
  2. Walking at all after a long run is a major accomplishment – it is usually easier to crawl.
  3. Speaking in clear sentences is often difficult (especially after or during a long run).
  4. Speaking in comprehensible words may also be a challenge.
  5. Every little thing will distract you (Look! A birdie! A pretty tree!)
  6. Going to Disney is a magical thing.

    These are the medals that Dashing Wife got.  I only got the Donald Medal on the right.

    These are the medals that Dashing Wife got. I only got the Donald Medal on the right.

  7. We hug random people we just met
  8. When you have to go to the bathroom, you have to go NOW!
  9. And there is never a bathroom in the immediate vicinity
  10. Sometime you do do what you have to do. (Ever wonder why the bike catchers at triathlons are wearing gloves?  Because triathletes, at least the pros and age groupers, pee themselves just before they come into the bike/run transition)
  11. You are very particular about what you eat/drink (I only drink Gatorade/Powerade/Gu Brew/etc.)
  12. You’re often hungry, but you don’t know what you want, but you want it NOW!
    Dashing Sister with the finish line haul

    Somebody is hungry


  13. You will go way out of your way to avoid a puddle.
  14. You will go way out of your way to run through a puddle.
  15. You may cry for no apparent reason.
  16. You get really grumpy when your hungry (and tired).
  17. You get up way earlier than you need to, especially on weekends.
  18. Your outfits are way more colorful than is usually acceptable in polite society
  19. We wear bibs!
    Bibs means good things.

    Bibs means good things.


  20. There are tons of pictures, but the only ones remembered are usually embarrassing. 
  21. Yay baths! (though the ice baths kinda suck).
  22. Drinking from a cup can be quite difficult.
  23. You use sippy cups.

    Dashing Daughter and her sippy cup

    Dashing Daughter and her sippy cup

  24. You go out of our way to get shiny things. (I’ve got to run this race, look at the medal!”)

    The Dashing Kids impressed with my PR and medal

    Oooh shiny medal!

  25. You like cow bells.
  26. Chocolate milk and bananas are the best things ever.
    Yummy Bananas

    Yummy Bananas


  27. Everything is a new experience, even if you’ve been there before multiple times.
  28. It is perfectly acceptable to wear a tutu, cape, or other costume when it isn’t Halloween.

    Endorphin Dude crossing the finish line at his 100th marathon (used with permission www.endorphindude.com)

    Endorphin Dude wearing his cape (used with permission www.endorphindude.com)

  29. Random people will cheer for you as you perform the most basic of tasks (Look at you! You’re running!)
  30. You will clap and cheer for random people.

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5 thoughts on “30 Ways Runners are like Toddlers

  1. As a fellow runner, I hereby approve of this list! Loved reading these and they are so true! I don’t have a toddler-aged kid yet, but I’ve been around enough.

    Thanks for the list and for giving me something to relate to as my daughter approached toddlerhood!

  2. As the furthest thing from a runner. I’ve gotta say, I admire you. Words hard

  3. Love it! So true – all of it! Now I just have to wait 40 years for my kid to push me in a stroller while she goes for a fun!

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