My Obligitory Fathers Day Post

So, as I sit down at 7:24 pm on June 14, 2014 to start writing this post about Fathers day, I realized that I hadn’t written anything about Fathers day yet. I figured I should be like so many other bloggers out there, and write something. I am a father, I have a father (two actually), so I might as well write something about it.

The past week has been a roller coaster, for many reasons that I am not going to get into. The big whammy was the massive argument I had with the Dashing Son. He is a good kid, but he gets so stubborn and set in his ways that it gets really bad. Unfortunately, he wins out most times. But sometimes you need to pick your battles. I am trying to learn this.

The morning radio show I listen to had a bunch of top ten lists of what dads want for Fathers Day, and what they actually get. Most dads want to be left alone for the day (call it a spa day), but most times the moms force those dads to do things with the family. Most dads actually don’t get anything for Fathers Day.

I know I am getting something for Fathers Day, because the box from amazon came today, and I put stuff in the cart. But I have no idea what we are going to for the day. I was thinking about going to the airplane museum, but I figure it is going be crowded with other dads, so who knows.

As I was looking for Father’s Day cards for my dads, I was saddened by my choices of cards. True, I was looking for “Happy Fathers Day Grandpa” cards because I am a cheap bastard. I also really hate holiday cards. I don’t mind getting cards, but there is rarely one that I keep. I say, “oh thanks for the card” then I chuck it in the garbage. I really hate finding the right card for somebody.

I usually do funny cards, because, well, I’m a funny guy. Also, other emotions other than happiness frighten me. But most of the funny cards are insulting to dads. “Hey Dad, thanks for the money!” “Hey Dad, take the day off like you usually do.” “Hey Dad, why don’t you grill meat and drink beer with your butt crack showing.” Ohhhh what a riot.  Luckily, I found a couple that work.

I was kind of mopey this week, but something happened this week that put it all in perspective. The guy who set up the Dad Blogger group I am in was diagnosed with terminal cancer.  Well, crap.  I guess things are all that bad in my world.

We set up a fundraiser for him to pay for medical bills, send his family on vacation, and possible some college money for his kids. (If you want to donate, click here –

So, I started thinking of how would my kids remember me if I was suddenly gone.

They can drive me crazy at times, but I love my kids.

They can drive me crazy at times, but I love my kids.


My daughter probably wouldn’t remember me at all. She’s 18 months, memories don’t go back that far. But hopefully what I have done to raise her, will help her in life. While that helped a little bit, it still stung that if I was gone tomorrow, she would not only not have me in her life, she wouldn’t have any concept of me.  That was a sucky thought.

I am not sure what my son would think. I am pretty hard on the kid. I want him to do his best, and he wants to take the easy road. When he thinks something is going to be too hard, he quits. And there is nothing short of bribery to get him to keep going. I pretty much refuse to bribe my kid to do stuff. I will reward him if he does well and tries his hardest, but I don’t want to bribe his to show up.  I don’t know why I am so hard on him. He is a good kid, but, boy does he push my buttons.  Luckily, we had a pretty good day on Friday.  He biked with me during my run, and about killed me.  Then we did some errands, had lunch at McDonalds, went to a museum, went shopping, and had a good day.  I can only hope those are they days he remembers, not me yelling at him to stay in swim practice for more than two laps.

Anyway, this is almost the end of my Fathers Day blog post. Sorry it rambles a bit, and it is bit whiney, but it has been a rough week and a rough day. I have some much better posts mostly written, and should get them out next week.

If you are a dad, remind yourself how much you love you kids, then tell them how much you love them.

If you are a mom and your kids have a dad, (and he isn’t a total piece of crap) remind him (and them) of all the awesome things that he does for them.

If you have a dad (and he isn’t a total piece of crap), tell him that you love him and thank him for all the things he did and does for you. Sometimes we don’t hear it enough.

I hope you have (or had) a great Fathers Day.

Brian – Dashing Dad

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