Dashing Goals for 2015

It is the first Friday of the year, and a first Friday flashback. I figured I would flashback over 2014. Very apropos, being New Years day and all.

2014 was a much better year than 2013. It wasn’t all cupcakes and kittens, but there were more high points than low points. Lets talk low points first.

Probably the worst thing that happened was that my sister suddenly passed away. She was not really a sister by blood or legal, but she was still family. The next worst thing was my best friend’s dad passed away from cancer. Other than that there were some minor hiccups in my life, but that was about it.

On the high points, I had some great running experiences. I ran my first 50k and my first 50 miler, and did well. I said I wouldn’t do another 50 miler again, but I was wrong, I am doing the American River 50 miler in April. I had a great time running the second half with Endorphin Dude, I figured a point to point trail run would better than a 12 lap run on asphalt. I also beat my marathon time 2.5 times. How did I beat it a half time? I beat my marathon time on the 50k by about 3 minutes. It really didn’t count as a PR because I kept going, but still, I think it should count for something.

Endorphin Dude and Dashing Dad coming into Horseshoe Bar (Mile 30 of AR 50) - notice how well we match.

Endorphin Dude and Dashing Dad coming into Horseshoe Bar (Mile 30 of AR 50) – notice how well we match.

I also had a great time doing Running with the Bears. It was such a great race for a great cause. My dog also ran a 4:10 marathon with me during a training run. Something I never thought I would do, is run a marathon for training.

I also got a job this year. A full time job with benefits as an archaeologist. I had a blast being a stay at home dad, but it was difficult on the bank accounts. We were doing okay, but we had definitely cut out a lot of things to make sure we wouldn’t go into debt. Having the job definitely made things easier. And it is a great job. I really like what I am doing and the people I work with.

I looked over my list of goals that I had for 2014, and I missed several of them.

Goal 1) no soda: This one I did pretty good on, though I changed the mileage to more than 20 miles to get a soda.

Goal 2) Cleaning the garage table: This was a success. And a failure. I cleaned the table, got everything organized sometime in the middle of year. Now it is covered in crap again.

Goal 3) Daily Flossing: I did well. For about 6 months. Then I fell off the wagon. I had another good bit of flossing after I went to the dentist in August, but yeah, I stopped again.

Goal 4) Cross Training: I did a couple of bike rides, I did some other workouts, but I wasn’t all that good at it.

Goal 5) Leniency on the Dashing Son. I pretty much sucked at this. It was the whole swim team experience that shot this one out of the water. I won’t go into it, but it was bad. I will have to do better. But, his new school is science oriented, and he and I have had some good bonding talking about science.

Goal 6) Improve the Dashing Dad website. Nope, didn’t do that at all. I did some more social media than in 2013, but it can get better. The new job really made it tough for me to work on the website, and I really only managed one post per month. I did a decent job on social media, mainly on Facebook.

Goal 7) Training the Dashing Dog. She is a good dog. I did a little bit of work with her. She still doesn’t sit or lay down immediately when I tell her, unless it’s feeding time, but overall she is good. She loves to run with me and heals the entire time. She has done three runs over 20 miles, so she pretty much awesome.

Goal 8) I got one car out of my parents garage, the 1948 Austin, but not sold. It’s now in my garage.  The other car, the 1956 Chevy, is getting closer and closer to being done, but it still isn’t done. Again, the new job put a damper on that.

1948 Austin 16 - right hand drive, running 1978 Mustang II 4cyl motor and transmission, $4000 OBO.

1948 Austin 16 – right hand drive, running 1978 Mustang II 4cyl motor and transmission, $4000 OBO.

While it seems like I didn’t meet my all of my goals, I had a good year. And really other than being rough on the Dashing Son, I don’t have any regrets on my year. I wish I could get rid of the Austin, but it will be gone this year. I think the Dashing Wife will sell it for scrap if I don’t sell it by the year is out.

My goals for 2015 are pretty much the same as 2014. No soda, with the same birthday, alcohol, running 20 mile exceptions; clean that table in the garage, and keep it clean; flossing; cross training, which should be easier when I start biking to work again; take it easy on the Dashing Son; Dashing Dad website, which I will go into more below; get the Dashing Dog better trained, especially since we have a new Dashing Puppy in the house; and finish my Chevy and get rid of the Austin. Other than that, I just want to keep my family happy and healthy, keep running, and maybe get a PR in some distance.

As far as the Dashing Dad website goes… It is still going to be up and running, and I am hoping to get at least two posts per month, and I need to several reviews out that I need to get out. I hope that 2015 is just as good as 2014, and maybe even better.

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