5 Pictures 5 Stories – Day 1: Frisbee Dog


Frisbee Dogs in action

Frisbee Dogs in action

My good buddy Spike at Double Trouble Daddy issued me a challenge to me and couple other dad bloggers.  Well, he was my good buddy until he issued this challenge.  Now I have to rethink my policy on accepting friend requests. Anyway…..

The challenge is to take 5 photos and make 5 stories about those photos.  “Stories” is a loose description of a story, poem, rant, or whatever provides buoyancy to my water craft.

While Spike used the last five photos he took, I decided to go into the way back machine and pull a photo from 7 years ago.  The photo is of my two previous dogs.  The original Dashing Dog (J – the black and white one), and Tallulah (the orange and white one in the air).  I have talked about these dogs before, even though Tallulah was put down about 9 months before I started Dashing Dad, and J was put down shortly after I started the page.  Both got sick and were put down to end their suffering.

But this is a happy post about what they both really loved to do.  They both loved to catch Frisbees.  As both were border collies, herding dogs, they needed an outlet to burn off energy and exercise their minds.  Frisbee catching was a great way to do that.  Both dogs had their own unique style for catching the Frisbee.  I taught J to catch Frisbees over about a month period when he was 7 months old.  I first got him to fetch, and once I did, he quickly learned it was easier to catch the Frisbee than to pick it up off the ground.

J was an amazing Frisbee dog. He learned how people threw the Frisbee, and would adjust after five throws.  He knew where the Frisbee would land too.  He would amaze people as he would go a different direction of the Frisbee and meet it as it finished its arc, and easily catch it as if it was no big deal.  He also liked it when people cheered.

Now, Tallulah, she was our acrobat.  She picked up Frisbee catching in 15 minutes after watching J (who was four years older).  But she relied on her athleticism rather than intellegece to catch the disk.  She would sprint as fast as she could in the general direction of the Frisbee, she would do this crazy spin move (or two) to see where it was, and then she would do these acrobatic flips in the air to catch the  disc.  She was spectacular to watch.

The fun part was when we only had one Frisbee with us.  Then we could watch both dogs go after the same disc.  Usually what would happen is what you see in the photo.  Tallulah would sprint out to beat J to the disc, spin, jump, and miss the Frisbee. At which point, J would casually catch it and lope back to us.  Tallulah would then steal the Frisbee from him, drop it at our feet, and J would pick it up to hand it to us (that was his job, apparently.)

These two were great dogs and I miss them a lot.  Luckily, we have two different dogs that are equally (but very differently) amazing.  But neither can catch Frisbees like J.

Stay tuned to see what I come up with for tomorrow.

2 thoughts on “5 Pictures 5 Stories – Day 1: Frisbee Dog

  1. Brian, this is Awesome! Our dog Frisco is 1/2 border collie and 1/2 lab and smart too. He does the whole frisbee thing, and will bring it back and drop it at our feet for about the first 10 throws…then on the 11th he’ll stop half way, drop down on his belly with the frisbee close at hand as if to say “You come get it…i’m done.”

    looking forward to tomorrow!

  2. Looks like such fun! My little dogs are not frisbee dogs. Lola has back issues & Chester is in heart failure. Lola does enjoy running to get treats & Chester still enjoys fetching little toys (he’s on lots of expensive meds & still feels pretty good most of the time).

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