5 Pictures 5 Stories – Day 3: 1956 Chevy

The 18 year restoration of my 1956 Chevy is nearly complete

The 18 year restoration of my 1956 Chevy is nearly complete

For Day 3 of the 5 Pictures 5 Stories, I present to you, my 1956 Chevy. Day 2 I talked about dream cars, well, this is my reality.  (Day 1 was about my dogs)

I bought this car when I was 15, over 23 years ago.  It was my first car, and by far is my favorite car.  I drove the car through high school and a few years into college when things started breaking.  I parked it at my parents ranch and let her (yes, it is a she) sit for 10 years.

During that 10 years, I finished college, finished grad school, moved across the country to Florida, got married, got a real job, had a kid, and was driving my 3rd other car (2 had been sold).  I was in a place to start restoring her.

It is difficult to restore a car across the country, but I would work on her when I came out to visit my family, and would even catch red eye flights on holiday weekends to get a lot done.  Then I moved back to California, and seemed to get less done, even though I was at the ranch more. Anyway, piece by piece, the car came together.

It has been 8  years since we pulled it out of the garage and started tearing it apart.  It runs, and drives (well it did until the differential seized on us), and is going to be going into interior very, very soon.

Why did I hold onto this car for all these years? Why I have I spent over 10 times its original selling price fixing it up?  Because this car is not only a flashback to my youth, it is just beautiful.  She has more personality than all the other cars I have over owned combined.  Really, this car is Christine’s older, nicer cousin.  The car is also fun to drive around in.  Despite the small block V8, it has very little power, and it weighs a lot.  But she just glides down the freeway, and she is an attention grabber.  I can not wait to drive this car again.

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