Dashing goals for 2016

The year has ended (well, it will end in 4 hours and 37 minutes as I type – but will end by the time this blog is published.)  2015 was a pretty good year, at least compared to the last few years.

I ran the most miles I ever had this year (1063.1 miles), and despite running less than 240 race miles, I ran the most distances (four 5ks, one 5 miler, one 10k, one virtual 10k, one 10 miler, four half marathons, one 20 miler, two marathons, one 50k, and one 50 miler).  The Dashing Dog ran with about 700 miles, including a marathon and a 5k race with me.  She was the fastest dog in the marathon, and the third fastest dog in the 5k (I slowed her down).

Another great thing was the Buffalo Chips.  That is my running group.  Not only is it great to have people to run with, they are a bunch who are faster than me, which pushes me to be better.  Also, the Dashing Dog has become less growly to people.  We have done several runs where she was stuck in the middle of the group, which has decreased her skittishness around crowds.

The new puppy (who is nearly 15 months old now) has done a few runs with me and the Dashing Wife and, once he gets over the “I’m not really a big tough dog, but I’m going to bark and growl and random people to pretend” phase, we will be doing much better.

Speaking of Dashing Wife, she has got her own running group and has finally gotten back into running.  She tried to start up twice this year and was doing good, but rolled her ankle really bad.  Then 6 weeks later, when she finally got all healed, she rolled it again.  But, in September she got back into it.

The Dashing family went to Hawaii this year, we missed the San Francisco half marathon because of it (but who wouldn’t).  We had a great time, and I got a few runs in.  I hadn’t run in humidity in quite some time, and it was miserable, but the scenery was worth it.

Other big things was that the Dashing Daughter made it from age 2 to age 3.  The terrible twos weren’t so bad, but the threes are going to be a challenge.  She is too smart for her own good, and knows how to push buttons.  Luckily she is really cute, so we might keep her around for a while.  but it is really nice to see her personality coming out.  She loves pink, glitter, Aerial (the Little Mermaid), and mud.  She loves going to grandma’s farm and working with the sheep.  She went to two sheep shows and loves helping on the farm.  She also took some swimming lessons and is a regular fish in the water.  Just like her brother.

Dashing Daughter playing underwater

Dashing Daughter playing underwater

Dashing Son finished out 2nd grade and had a bit of a rough start in 3rd.  But he has gotten better.  We have helped him understand the importance of doing his best.  He also ran a couple 5ks on his own, and completed three 10ks.  He walked a couple, but ran one on Thanksgiving and got first place in his age group.  Of course, he also got last place in his age group because he was the only kid under 9 who ran the 10k.  Which is still pretty awesome.  He says he wants to run the 10k at Running with the Bears this year by himself, at his own pace.  I am not sure what his mom is going to do, but he may out run her.  I am hoping that I can finish the half marathon with my 30 minute head start before he does.

Dashing Son and I finishing his first place 10k (age group) run.

Dashing Son and I finishing his first place 10k (age group) run.

Yes, I am going to run the half marathon this year at Running with the Bears because I want the Dashing Dog to break the fastest dog record for all the races there.  We have to beat a 1:51, which we can do.  Rodney and Sumalee, watch out!  (Speaking of Rodney, we ran the Labor Day Doggie Dash against them, and I am hoping to do some training runs with him this year.)

My running goals this year are kind of up in the air.  I really have no real goals.  I have a 39.3 weekend coming up at the end of April with the American River Parkway Half Marathon (my 6th time), and the inaugural Pony Express Marathon the next day.  I am going to run a 50k at Jed Smith in February, but that will be it for ultras this year (at the moment).  I have my usual three half marathons (American River Parkway, Davis Moonlight, and Folsom Blues), plus Bidwell classic half and Running with the Bears, and two marathons (Pony Express and San Francisco).

I will probably do some pacing and/or crewing for Endorphin Dude, and who ever else wants me to.  I know I am pacing him the second half of AR50, and probably some other races too.

As far as my non running goals….

2015 was pretty good.  I stayed away from soda pretty well, but I didn’t keep up with flossing (but no cavities!), and I sold my 1948 Austin.  I sold it for about 10% of what I had put into it, but it is gone and out of my life.  My 1956 Chevy is almost done.  I mean it. It is at the interior shop right now.  It is insured, and registered.  All I have to get some chrome polished, get some things tuned up and tightened and the car is read to go.

The 18.5 year restoration of my 1956 Chevy is nearly complete

The 18.5 year restoration of my 1956 Chevy is nearly complete

My goals for 2016 are to

1) keep off soda.  I think this is a permanent thing.  I also have lost the desire for donuts and other pastries, so I will stay away from those too.

2) finish my Chevy.  This is easy, and I hope to have the car done by January February.

3) floss on weekdays.

4) Finish my 39.3 mile weekend in under 6:30.  I am really hoping for sub 6 hours, but 6:30 is more realistic.

5) I would like to do more cross training.  I say this every year, and the first few months are good, but then it drops off.  This year will be different.  I need to lose about 5-10 pounds, especially from my middle.

6) I need to keep that table in my garage clean.  Actually, I want my entire garage clean.  I am going to do that by getting rid of more crap around my house.  We are going to do big purge next weekend.

7) I am going to reach my 2 year anniversary at my job.  I didn’t do it at my last job, so I am hoping to make it this time.

Other than that, I don’t know what my goals are going to be.  I would like to reduce the amount of spending going on in the Dashing household.

I hope all of you have a wonderful 2016, and make it a good one.

One thought on “Dashing goals for 2016

  1. Fantastic resolutions! Sounds like you’re already progressing a lot. If you focus on the positives, I think you will achieve these goals.

    I am a little jealous about the car. That car’s amazing!

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