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How to Quadruple your Money in a Year

Okay, while the headline is true, it is a bit of misnomer. The amount of money I am talking about is rather small. Nonetheless, a $25 investment will become least $100 in a year, and continue earning at least $100 every year for at least 8 years. That is a good return, $25 turns into […] Continue reading →

Black Bean Burrito Recipe

Black Bean Burritos (onions, bell pepper, ground turkey and corn) with the fixin’s and an adult beverage. One of my go-to easy meals as a stay at home dad is Black Bean Burritos.  The nice thing about this recipe is that I have several different versions depending on what I have in the fridge that week. Place whatever version onto flour tortillas, add cheese, sour cream, salsa, avocado, and/or whatever you want. You […] Continue reading →

Easy Ways to Quick Meals

Ground turkey, corn, and beans Or How to Cook the Dashing Dad way The internet is full of ways on how to save money and/or get healthy. One of the common threads between these two is avoiding eating meals out. Even eating out at a fast food restaurant is going to cost you a minimum of $3 a person (assuming […] Continue reading →