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30 Ways Runners are like Toddlers

Runner or Toddler The other day after my half marathon, I had a bit of a swagger, which meant I was walking almost identically to the Dashing Daughter (who is 17 months old). I was swinging my hips as it was easier than moving my legs and it got me thinking how much we runners are like toddlers.  […] Continue reading →

May the Fourth Run

After a week in carbonite, and not running, I decided that May the Fourth would be my Return of the Jedi Run.  Just after Darth, as the Earth’s Son won its daily battle in the Star Wars, I grabbed my scruffy looking nerf herder (Dashing Dog) and decided to attempt the Kessel run in under […] Continue reading →

Recap of 2014 American River 50

Dashing Dad and Endorphin Dude at the Finish of American River 50 Last year in 2013, I paced Endorphin Dude for the final nine miles of American River 50 mile endurance race. That nine miles took nearly three hours, and it was an emotional roller coaster for him. He made the final cutoff by 2:11, (official time was 12:57:10) and that was because his last mile was […] Continue reading →