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Ankle Stretches for Runners

Since a cat scan was out of the question, I was getting a dog sniff instead. Have you endured any nagging ankle injuries? Are your ankles stiff for the first mile or so of your run?  Let me tell you about some of my favorite preferred ankle stretches and exercises that I have learned over the years. Throughout the course of my life, I have been plagued with weak ankles.  When I was […] Continue reading →

Review of my January and March Runnerbox

Using my Runnerbox buff to keep my face warm during cold runs As you all may know, I am a Runnerbox Ambassador.  They give me a discount on Runnerboxes, and I write up reviews and promote their stuff.  Both Runnerbox and I want to be clear on our relationship.  I wrote up a review on my first runnerbox back in November. Runnerboxes come every other month and […] Continue reading →

Prevention of minor running injuries

Slide1 One of the things you will hear from your non-running friends and coworkers is, “Why are you running so much? You know you are going to destroy your knees.” Actually, after a year of running, my knee pain went away. While you can get knee injuries, there are a plethora of other things that can […] Continue reading →

Walk Breaks are Okay While Running

Taking a walk break As I read through Facebook posts from friends, family, and the many fitness pages that I follow, one thing always seems to pop up.  Folks complaining that they couldn’t complete a run without a walk break.  The distances vary from one mile to a full marathon, but people want to run the whole thing. But […] Continue reading →

My DNS at Walt Disney World Marathon

These are the medals that Dashing Wife got.  I only got the Donald Medal on the right.   It’s the first First Friday Flashback of the year.  Unfortunately, it is a couple days late.  With New Year’s Day being on a Wednesday, some contract archaeology, a 21 mile run, having contractors over to fix a leaky tub (on the second floor), going up to my parents ranch to help distract some friends […] Continue reading →