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My First – Wine and Dine Half Marathon 2010

Wine and Dine Medal 2010 For October’s First Friday Flashback, I figured I should talk about running my first half-marathon. My first half-marathon was three years ago this weekend in the most magical place on Earth.  No, not Penn and Tellar’s stage in Vegas, Disney World.  My wife and I decided our first half-marathon would be the inaugural Wine and […] Continue reading →

12 Ways Runners are like Rednecks

Three pairs of my worn out running shoes and one pair of the Dashing Son's So you just read that title, didn’t you?  And you are asking yourself, “I ain’t no redneck! I drive me a Prius, not a gas guzzling 4X4. And I haves me alls of my teeth.” Okay, maybe you didn’t say it in a redneck type voice, but if you really think about it, there are […] Continue reading →

The Real Reason Why Runners Run

Dashing Dad and Son after Davis Stampede 2012   People always ask me, “Why do you run so much?” I probably tell them that I enjoy the camaraderie of the running community, I am trying stay in shape so I can keep up with my kids, I like the challenge, I like the runner’s “high,” or so I can eat what I want […] Continue reading →

Runners who Inspire Me

The Dashing kids Everybody needs some form of inspiration to get out and run. Well, you need inspiration to do anything really. You don’t go pee in your boss’ coffee cup because you are inspired to keep your job. But when it comes to running, you often need something to go the distance, wake up in the morning, […] Continue reading →