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Crying Baby and the Santa Train

Not quite Christmas Card material, but funny nonetheless. This weekend, we took the Dashing Daughter to see Santa for the first time.  Last year, she had just born a few weeks before Christmas and we figured it wasn’t the best idea to take a newborn baby to sit on a strange guy’s lap that has been infested with the germs of all the […] Continue reading →

Bird Nest Clusters

Bird Nest clusters This afternoon, I did a cooking demonstration for Dashing Son’s first grade class.  I made Bird Nest Clusters, a yummy no bake snack.  I first made these when I was 10 years old. It came from some kids cookbook, and it is a recipe that I have memorized.  It calls for chunky peanut butter, but in […] Continue reading →

The Dashing Kids have Super Powers

He's practicing his powers. As a stay at home dad, my ability to keep my kids in line is tested everyday.  But it seems like these kids have super powers and they are practicing for a life of crime. Even though I already raised one human from a tiny, squalling, slimy, messy baby to a slightly larger, whiney, messy […] Continue reading →

Fixing a Leaky Sink

New valve Okay, the sink in your master bathroom is leaking.  Not bad, but the drip, drip, drip is driving you more crazy than when your kid(s) keep singing that one song, over, and over, and over again.  There are a couple tricks you can do.  Put a towel in the sink.  That will keep the drip […] Continue reading →

The Addiction of Electricity

Last Thursday morning the Dashing house experienced a power failure.  Actually, the entire Dashing Neighborhood did.  It happened at 5:40am (apparently my oven clock comes back at the last time).  This is about 5 minutes before I normally wake up.  As it turns out, I was sleeping on the couch when this happened. Not because […] Continue reading →