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I Miss Being a Stay at Home Dad

I miss running with these two Back in December of 2012, my daughter was born and I became a stay at home dad. I took care of my daughter full time for 8 months, and then I started getting some part time work. For the next 11 months, I was a part time stay at home dad. Some weeks I would be working […] Continue reading →

My First Job

Pizza! With the new job, I completely missed last month’s “First Friday Flashback” I have been so busy with learning the new job, getting dinners cooked, taking care of the kids, working in the backyard, and trying to get my runs in that I really haven’t had time to sit down and write blogs. It really […] Continue reading →

Make your own fountain

The completed fountain (well, without the rocks on the bottom) Since I moved back to California, whenever I go out on an archaeological project I usually grab an interesting or cool looking rock for the Dashing Son. I have been collecting this rocks for four years, and was trying to figure out how display these rocks. I figured that a fountain would be a neat […] Continue reading →

Cancer needs a better publicist

7957914_f496 Dear Cancer, the Big C, El Cancro, or whatever you are calling yourself these days. I know you aren’t a zodiac sign or somebody who was born between June 22 and July 21, you are unregulated cell growth. So, Cancer, I am not sure if you know this, but you really suck. Nobody likes you. […] Continue reading →

My Obligitory Fathers Day Post

They can drive me crazy at times, but I love my kids. So, as I sit down at 7:24 pm on June 14, 2014 to start writing this post about Fathers day, I realized that I hadn’t written anything about Fathers day yet. I figured I should be like so many other bloggers out there, and write something. I am a father, I have a father (two […] Continue reading →