12 Ways Runners are like Rednecks

Three pairs of my worn out running shoes and one pair of the Dashing Son's
So you just read that title, didn’t you?  And you are asking yourself, “I ain’t no redneck! I drive me a Prius, not a gas guzzling 4X4. And I haves me alls of my teeth.” Okay, maybe you didn’t say it in a redneck type voice, but if you really think about it, there are […]
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Blogging Is Hard!

Ok, I am sure based on the title of this blog you think I am a lazy bastard who at home all the time as a stay at home dad and whining, “Oh my god, I have to actually type something on my computer.  Why can’t I just talk and have a trained monkey type […]
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Crockpot Chicken Burrittos

All ready for tortillas.
So at around 11am on Tuesday I realized that I had to take Dashing Son to soccer practice.  Not a big deal because I had 6 hours to get him there.  But the problem was dinner.  We wouldn’t be getting back home until 6:30 pm, his normal bath time. We had no leftovers, and eating […]
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Blood or Cherry Slurpee?

So, maybe I’m not the ninja I thought I was. (See my blog post about how being a stay at home dad is making me a Ninja.) Being a stay at home dad, I have to deal with various bodily fluids. Pee, poop (in all forms), spit up, vomit, snot, boogers, eye goop, and blood. […]
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