Why are Drive-Ins Theaters Awesome

The Drive In at sunset.  Not only is it economical, its purty too.
Okay Mr. Stay at Home Dad, you and the wife want to go to the movie theater and catch a film. Great! You have three options now that you have kids: 1) you find somebody to watch your kid(s), either a family member or a baby sitter (at $10-20/hr); 2) you go see a kids […]
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Davis Moo-nlight 2011 and 2012

Davis Moonlight medal on left and Tour de Fit Part I medal on right
For my July First Friday Flashback, I figured I would recap the Davis Moo-nlight Race which is an evening half marathon (plus 5k and 10k) in Davis, California in July.  This race is a mixed bag for me.  I have ran this race the two years since I moved back to California, and I plan […]
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What Inspired Me to Run a Marathon

Back in January 2010, the Dashing Family lived in Northeast Florida. The Dashing Wife had a friend from high school was running the Mickey Marathon, and another friend running the Goofy Challenge (Donald Half Marathon on Saturday, full Mickey Marathon on Sunday). Since were only a few hours away from Orlando (and we had seasonal passes) we […]
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Take Charge of your Happiness

If you're not happy, you might make your kids not happy.
One of the hardest challenges of being a stay at home dad, other than keeping your children alive, is staying happy. It can be really hard, especially if you let the negative cultural stereotypes get to you. You probably aren’t earning any money, or at least not as much as you did back when you […]
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Parenting Books for Dads

The night stand of a stay at home dad, The New Father and Fathering your School Age Child, a biography of Andrew Jackson to help me go to sleep (3 pages and I am out), a stuffed Koala bear for my daughter, and phone chargers. Yes that is a cutlass (pirate sword) in the corner, in case I need to repel boarders.
As the Dashing Dad, I don’t intend to do a lot of parenting tips in this blog. I might from time to time share some parenting experience that I had, but how you raise your kids is your own business. That said, one of the things that I found while my wife was pregnant with […]
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Why are Runners Such Awesome People?

While the general public probably regard runners as annoying folk who talk about running while standing on ruined knees, most of us runners are pretty darn awesome. On my runs, I see lots of other runners, and nearly all of them will give me a wave, head nod, “morning” or some other form of acknowledgment. […]
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Running with Dogs

Happy and muddy dogs
  As a stay at home dad, I really enjoy the fact that I have dogs as well as kids. There are several reasons why. First, I had dogs before I had kids. Well, I almost always had dogs growing up, and when I was 25 I got my own dog after I left for […]
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Holy Vasectomy Batman!

If you are a stay at home dad, and you would like to try to return to the workforce once your kids are in school, you first need to stop having kids. The youngest is no longer the youngest once a baby comes around. Once it does, the clock starts all over again. 18+ years […]
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