5 Pictures 5 Stores – Day 4: Fire Extinguisher

This little Kidde Fire Extinguisher saved my neighbors house.
For Day 4 of the 5 Pictures 5 Stories challenge I figured I would combine with a story about fire safety.  Kidde, the fire extinguisher company (and smoke alarms, and other safety products), sent me their new listening device called the RemoteLync Monitor that alerts you when your existing smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) alarms sound […]
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5 Pictures 5 Stories – Day 1: Frisbee Dog

Frisbee Dogs in action
  My good buddy Spike at Double Trouble Daddy issued me a challenge to me and couple other dad bloggers.  Well, he was my good buddy until he issued this challenge.  Now I have to rethink my policy on accepting friend requests. Anyway….. The challenge is to take 5 photos and make 5 stories about those […]
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Replacing a light fixture

The new LED light works like a charm
The Dashing Wife has been asking me to replace the flood lights that shines in the back yard. The lights were CFL flood lights and they took a long time to warm up to finally shine bright. The LED lights we bought shine bright and don’t take any time to warm up.  I figured I could […]
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