Review of my January and March Runnerbox

Using my Runnerbox buff to keep my face warm during cold runs
As you all may know, I am a Runnerbox Ambassador.  They give me a discount on Runnerboxes, and I write up reviews and promote their stuff.  Both Runnerbox and I want to be clear on our relationship.  I wrote up a review on my first runnerbox back in November. Runnerboxes come every other month and […]
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Baby on phone memes

I took this picture of the Dashing Daughter today during my run.  I saw her sitting like this through the top of the stroller and actually stopped (I hardly ever stop during my short runs) and took this picture.  Then I came up with some memes for it.  It was a slow night.  I hope […]
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Archaeology with Manatees

Bella the Manatee.
Happy Friday!!! And since it is the First Friday of the month, it is time for another First Friday Flashback!!! I struggled to figure out what I could write about.  I thought about things that happened in March in the past, and one of the coolest experiences I ever had happened in March of 2006.  […]
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I hate my kids toys!

See, this dog even has evil red horns! (or Captain America is standing on his head behind him - but I say it's the spawn of Satan!)
If you have kids, and you aren’t keeping them in a cage, than you probably have a metric crap ton of toys.  Some of the toys are awesome, you know the one that you realize your kids went outside 30 minutes ago while you are still trying break the world record for getting all the […]
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Reference material

This is material and bible versus I used in my “Religious Freedom in Arizona = Jesus says discrimination is okay.” Lev 15:19-24 [KJV] And if a woman have an issue, and her issue in her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days: and whosoever toucheth her shall be […] Continue reading →