Dashing Dad Persimmon Cookies

Yummy persimmon cookies
As a stay at home dad, I am in charge of cooking.  Actually, I have always been in charge of cooking.  Every so often I will bake.  I am not much of a baker (Dashing Wife is an amazing baker), so I tend to stick to making cookies. One of my favorite types of cookie […]
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Walk Breaks are Okay While Running

Taking a walk break
As I read through Facebook posts from friends, family, and the many fitness pages that I follow, one thing always seems to pop up.  Folks complaining that they couldn’t complete a run without a walk break.  The distances vary from one mile to a full marathon, but people want to run the whole thing. But […]
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How to Brew a Good Cup of Tea

Enough for a cup of tea.
I am a tea drinker.  I don’t drink coffee.  I don’t think there is anything wrong with drinking coffee.  I used to drink coffee in high school and a little bit in college, but lately it kills my stomach, and I no longer like the taste.  The smell of coffee is divine, if it only […]
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My DNS at Walt Disney World Marathon

These are the medals that Dashing Wife got.  I only got the Donald Medal on the right.
  It’s the first First Friday Flashback of the year.  Unfortunately, it is a couple days late.  With New Year’s Day being on a Wednesday, some contract archaeology, a 21 mile run, having contractors over to fix a leaky tub (on the second floor), going up to my parents ranch to help distract some friends […]
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