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Walk Breaks are Okay While Running

Taking a walk break As I read through Facebook posts from friends, family, and the many fitness pages that I follow, one thing always seems to pop up.  Folks complaining that they couldn’t complete a run without a walk break.  The distances vary from one mile to a full marathon, but people want to run the whole thing. But […] Continue reading →

My First – Wine and Dine Half Marathon 2010

Wine and Dine Medal 2010 For October’s First Friday Flashback, I figured I should talk about running my first half-marathon. My first half-marathon was three years ago this weekend in the most magical place on Earth.  No, not Penn and Tellar’s stage in Vegas, Disney World.  My wife and I decided our first half-marathon would be the inaugural Wine and […] Continue reading →

Runners who Inspire Me

The Dashing kids Everybody needs some form of inspiration to get out and run. Well, you need inspiration to do anything really. You don’t go pee in your boss’ coffee cup because you are inspired to keep your job. But when it comes to running, you often need something to go the distance, wake up in the morning, […] Continue reading →

What do I Eat Before a Race

One of the biggest debates in endurance sports is nutrition.  I have friends who swear by vegetarian or vegan diets, I have some that are just dairy free, there are the paleo eaters, there are the ones who are just trying to earn Weight Watchers Points (I met a guy who ran half marathons so […] Continue reading →

What Inspired Me to Run a Marathon

Back in January 2010, the Dashing Family lived in Northeast Florida. The Dashing Wife had a friend from high school was running the Mickey Marathon, and another friend running the Goofy Challenge (Donald Half Marathon on Saturday, full Mickey Marathon on Sunday). Since were only a few hours away from Orlando (and we had seasonal passes) we […] Continue reading →

Why are Runners Such Awesome People?

While the general public probably regard runners as annoying folk who talk about running while standing on ruined knees, most of us runners are pretty darn awesome. On my runs, I see lots of other runners, and nearly all of them will give me a wave, head nod, “morning” or some other form of acknowledgment. […] Continue reading →